Carefor2020 Campaign
in response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Before the global introduction of COVID-19 to the world, the Philanthropic Development Office of the Sisters of IHM Mother of Christ have been working diligently to feed the hungry, provide shelter to the homeless, treat the sick, and provide for the children of their communities in need. With the Pandemic, that work has grown exponentially along with the increased need for funding to keep pace with their work.

That is why we are spearheading this Go Fund Me page on behalf of these dedicated women who are too busy tending to those in need and putting others before themselves. They have fallen behind in any fundraising efforts and without our help, they will lack the necessary funds to proceed in their operations to help those in need. We are launching this campaign to help them to pay for the much-needed supplies, food & water, and other basic needs to their communities in Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They need our help to make sure that they are able to continue the work to which they have literally devoted their entire lives.

Who are the Sisters of IHM?

The IHM Mothers of Christ is a group of philanthropic catholic nuns that supports and values the humble service in the diversity of life. They envision a life that channels its gifts to enhance the quality of life for all, especially the poor and the marginalized. With a belief that those in true distress are condemned to a dignified and well being of life, they see problems of poverty and illiteracy, lack of access to education and quality health care, neglect of women, children, the elderly, and the underprivileged in displaced communities.

With philanthropic locations in Chicago, IL (Project Location in Nigeria [States of Imo, Enugu, Abia, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi. Benue, Kogi, Bauchi, Borno, Igede, Lagos, Oyo. Osun, Anambra, and Delta], Tchad, Cameroun, Ghana, Benin Republic, Nairobi, Eldoret, and Thika in Kenya, koidu-Kono and Blama in Sierra Leone and Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania they plan to sustain the quality of life to that of their highest beliefs for those unable to reach the quality of the privileged.


What will your graceful donations
be used for?

When you donate now to the Sisters of IHM, you are feeding, clothing, and providing shelter to someone in need.

You are providing healthcare and education.

You are providingsustainability to a dedicated group of women who are already so grateful that you now know about them.

Thank You!

For all those who have viewed our page, we truly appreciate your time and consideration of our important cause for the Sisters of IHM Mother of Christ. We pray that you will also share this page with your friends, family, and loved ones. The more people who know about the work of this dynamic group of women, the more we can do. Together, with every donation, we will not only make a difference to the Sisters, but especially to those who will receive the gifts of their work that they will bestow upon them.